FOID/CCL Appeals

Has your FOID card been revoked? Was your Concealed Carry License (CCL) application denied? I will not let your 2nd Amendment rights be extinguished without just cause. I have been a sport shooter for over ten years, and I understand that losing your rights means losing an important part of your life. Contact me for a consultation to discuss your options.

FOID Denial / Revocation Appeals

The FOID Act gives you a right to appeal the State Police’s denial or revocation of your FOID card.  My first FOID appeal resulted in the re-issuance of the revoked FOID by court order. Since then, I have beaten the State Police at trial and again in the appellate court. I have since had several FOIDs reissued, and have handled appeals in the Circuit Courts and to the Director of State Police. I have never lost a FOID appeal, and I will fight to preserve your right to legally own and possess a firearm in Illinois.

My office handles appeals in the Circuit Courts and to the Director of the Illinois State Police. Finally, in the right circumstances, I would be amendable to challenging certain prohibitions in Federal Court.

Appeals of Concealed Carry License Denials / Revocations

If your application for an Illinois Concealed Carry License is denied, § 87 of the Firearm Concealed Carry Act affords you a right to appeal the denial. Depending on your circumstances, the law may entitle you to a hearing before the Director of the ISP, or to judicial review in circuit court subject to principles of administrative law. The Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board (CCLRB) makes the appeals process difficult by concealing records related to its decision, preventing disclosure except by court order. You only get one chance to win your appeal, and losing means the money you spent on classes and licensing fees will be wasted. I will fight to protect your right to carry a concealed firearm.


Attorney’s fees for a FOID or CCL appeal depend largely on the nature and complexity of the case. For this reason, fees are charged at an hourly rate, and a retainer will not be set until I have an opportunity to learn about your revocation/denial and your objectives for the representation.


Past results cannot guarantee similar or favorable results in your case. Even in similar matters, no expectation of outcome should be based on past results. Every case is unique, and the attorney must assess the specific facts and legal circumstances of your case before any discussion of its potential outcome.

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