Recent Successes: FOID Reinstatement

I have been relatively quiet about FOID cases, but the recent news is good.

In Tazewell County, my client was granted court-ordered reinstatement of his FOID. The client’s FOID was revoked for a drug-related charge, and he had been determined to be a “person addicted to narcotics” or “unlawful user of narcotics” by the Illinois State Police. My client was shown not to be a drug user at the hearing.

In the 5th District Court of Appeals, my client’s objection to the State Police’s Motion for Summary Reversal was granted, and a briefing schedule was set. The State Police had requested reversal of the trial court’s Order granting reinstatement of my client’s FOID, arguing that the trial court lacked jurisdiction. My client’s objection was well taken, and the State Police motion was denied.

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